At Enlife Solar, our vision is to create a cleaner, greener energy solutions to our trusted customers empowering and leading them to healthy usage of sustainable renewable power sources.

We aspire to be a driving force in India’s transition towards renewable energy, empowering businesses, communities, and individuals with state-of-the-art solar solutions that contribute to a brighter and eco-friendly future.

About Us
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At Enlife Solar, our vision is to create a cleaner, greener energy solutions to our trusted customers empowering and leading them to healthy usage of sustainable renewable power sources.


Enlife Solar is a dynamic and forward-thinking solar energy solutions architects and EPC developer based in the vibrant city of Bangalore, India.

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence, we are packed with combined experience and expertise of more than a decade.

We strive to revolutionize India's energy landscape by harnessing the power of the sun in association with industry leading technology and products.

Executive Portfolio

Residential Solar Solutions

Residential Solar Solutions

Enlife Solar specializes customizable solar solutions for homeowners, enabling them to harness solar power to meet their energy needs, reduce electricity bills and achieve return of investment(ROI) within short time frame.

commercial solar

Commercial & Industrial Solutions

We provide comprehensive solar solutions for businesses and industries, helping them transition to clean energy while enhancing operational efficiency and achieving significant cost savings.

solar farm

Solar Farms & Power Plants

Enlife Solar specializes in designing, engineering, and constructing solar farms and power plants, contributing to India’s growing renewable energy capacity and supporting the nation’s energy security.

industry best

Industry Best Products & Services

Beyond traditional systems, new technology adaptations in products and services are available which are economical and highly productive.

(Solar products & solutions ranging from high efficiency panels, string & micro inverters, conventional and wall mountable batteries and battery banks, streetlights, water pumps and EV charging points)

energy storage solution

Energy Storage Solutions

To ensure continuous power supply, we offer advanced energy storage solutions, leveraging battery technology.

solar financing

Solar Financing & Consultation

Our expert team provides financial consultation, assisting clients in navigating solar financing options, accessing incentives, and maximizing returns on their solar investments.

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Our Advantages

We stay at the forefront of solar technology, partnering with renowned manufacturers to deliver the latest, most efficient, and durable solar solutions to our clients.

Our team comprises passionate and skilled professionals with extensive experience in the solar energy domain, providing exceptional expertise and customer support.

We are committed to delivering products and services of unmatched quality, ensuring that our solar installations withstand the test of time and perform optimally.

Enlife Solar embraces eco-friendly practices and prioritizes environmental sustainability, creating a positive impact on the planet and the communities we serve.

We are driven by a sense of responsibility to create a positive impact on society and the environment. Through our initiatives, we actively promote solar education, support local communities, and advocate for sustainable development practices

Enlife Solar stands ready to illuminate India with innovative solar solutions that make renewable energy accessible and viable for all. As we move forward with passion and purpose, we invite businesses and individuals across platforms to join us on this transformative journey towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. Together, let's harness the power of the sun to illuminate a brighter tomorrow for India and the generations to come.